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barify is a design agency based in the small town of Nootdorp near The Hague. With our creative and technical minds we combine our knowledge to create the best and dopest products. We help companies grow by creating websites, logos, corporate identities and much more. Nothing is too crazy for us. All of this to put your company on the chart and to make it stand out!

Together with you, we not only visualize the future, but also start building it. Step by step we bring creative ideas to life. Because creativity and imagination are in our DNA.


Services barify has to offer

Your website is one of the most important channels for your audience or target group to interact with your brand or company. A good webdesign appeals to your target audience at all times.

Design plays a huge role in your business. All expressions start with a design that suits your company. From a logo or banner to creating a new corporate identity.

Want to promote your event or company through different types of printed materials? That is possible! We provide all kinds of expressions such as: posters, banners, flags, flyers etc.

A recognizable and memorable brand identity and branding is a must to show your personality and stand out from the competition.

Design and technology are one in the digital world. We integrate design and technology for the best user experience.

Do you want to rank higher in Google and other search engines? Then a well thought out SEO strategy is certainly not to be missed.

E-mail is a popular communication tool and with e-mail marketing you send relevant e-mails to your target group. With email marketing you can do anything.

It won’t have escaped your notice if you are active on social media, but visual design is key these days. A clean feed is a must these days.

In addition to websites, we also create really anything that has to do with pixels. An app interface or interface for a smartwatch, we are here for you.