Branding & Design

Branding ensures that the brand values of your company become visible to your target group. By positioning your company in the market in this unique way, you can distinguish yourself from the competition, this way you create a big impact for the success of your company. Branding is reflected in the visual communication from your company to the outside world, you sell your story





Corporate identity

Graphic Design

Product launch


Digital Design

We are getting more and more frequently confronted with it these days; technology. By digitizing your business you can do business smarter and faster. After all, you are replacing manual labor. This has positive effects on your business such as increased sales, time savings and appreciation from your customers. Furthermore, your customers can be found online more often, so they will find you faster online.  


User Interface Design (UI)

Webdesign & Development


User Experience Design (UED)

Service Design



User research

By doing proper research before designing a solution, you can ensure that your solution seamlessly connects with the wishes and desires of the stakeholders. This is also called human centered design, the user is central during your design process. Through research, the problem is clearly mapped, see below the methods I use for this.

Customer profiles


Journey mapping



Desk research

User research